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Colours by Europe - China

Fabio Falanga


Chef Fabio Falanga

Fabio Falanga, hailing from Napoli in Southern Italy, arrived in Beijing in 2009, bringing with him a rich background as a Sinologist.​

Drawing inspiration from his family roots and Mediterranean culinary traditions, Fabio has been an active advocate of Italian culinary culture as well as European dietary traits throughout China since his early arrival. He has made numerous appearances at events and media platforms across the country, aiming to promote a deeper culinary understanding between China and Europe.​

Having garnered acclaim as an Executive Chef and Manager at esteemed restaurants such as "La Dolce Vita" and "Fu Tapas & Wine," Fabio's excellence has been recognized by both local and international publications. Presently, he is fully invested in his venture, F&Co., while also contributing to various food and beverage projects across China.​​

Maintaining a robust affiliation with the European Union and its official initiatives, Fabio has actively collaborated with some of the Agri promotion initiatives of the European Union in China, such as "Taste of Europe" video series, SIAL Shanghai and CIMIE Chengdu.​