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Colours by Europe - China

About the campaign

The ‘Irresistible Europe Countless Combinations’ campaign is proud to look back on several years of successful EU promotion on the Chinese market. Launched in 2019, the campaign has become a landmark for establishing and strengthening the reputation

Our partners on the ground are main Horeca industry representatives, including top-notch chefs, sommeliers, and retail chains. 

Together, we have created 

  • Consumer events/Open days 

  • Chef’s tables 

  • Taste seminars 

  • Retail promotion activities 

  • Horeca promotion events 

  • Product specific webinars 

and participated in food and trade fairs across the different regions and cities in China. 

Discover all events

Take a look at one of our tasting events (video in Chinese)

Recognised quality

The EU’s food traceability system – in place at every step of growing and production – ensures the safety and quality of EU food products. We are proud that our promotion activities reflect this quality and have been awarded multiple awards.

Discover the awards received