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Quality labels

Quality labels protect and promote the origins, traditions and unique characteristics of many distinctive EU products. Only the products that fulfil these criteria receive the respective quality label.

Protected designation of origin label

Product names registered as protected designations of origins (PDO) have the strongest links to where they are made. In fact, every part of the production, processing and preparation must take place in the specific region.

Protected geographical indication label

Protected geographical indication (PGI) celebrates the relationship between a specific geographic region and the product’s name, including essential qualities, reputation, origin or other characteristics. For most products, production, processing or preparation must take place in the region.

Leaves formed with white stars on green background

The organic product label indicates it has been grown within sustainable cultivation systems. It is only placed on foods made or grown with at least 95% organic agricultural ingredients.

Recognised quality

The EU’s food traceability system - in place at every step of growing and production - ensures the safety and quality of EU food products, including meat. In this video, Chef Fabio Falanga introduces how to make a traditional Slovenian meat stew called Bograč. (Video in Chinese)


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