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Franklin Jiang



With a rich tapestry of expertise spanning over two decades in the Cognac, Whisky, and Wine industry, Franklin stands as a distinguished authority in the world of fine beverages. Armed with a WSET Level 3 Sommelier certification from the UK and a revered designation as a Wine Growers Association of New Zealand Certified Instructor, Franklin possesses an unparalleled depth of knowledge and a discerning palate honed through years of dedicated study and practice.  ​

Beyond his professional endeavours, he has embarked on extensive journeys to the renowned wine regions of Cognac, France, as well as New Zealand and Australia's premium viticultural destinations. These immersive experiences have not only enriched his understanding of terroir and winemaking practices but have also deepened his appreciation for the cultural and historical significance of each region's liquid treasures. As an avid traveller and lifelong learner, Franklin continues to explore and uncover the nuances of the world's most esteemed beverages, sharing his passion and expertise with enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.  ​