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Colours by Europe - China

Knowledge Questions & Answers Game - Irresistible Europe, Countless Combinations

As part of the “Irresistible Europe, countless combinations” campaign, this educational game was launched on 1 September 2023, on the WeChat mini platform. Through their Wechat profiles, users in China have the opportunity to play the game and increase their knowledge of Geographical Indications (GI) labels and EU ingredients.

By answering multiple-choice questions, players gain a better understanding of the key merits of EU products and engage with European traditions and culinary heritage. As they answer questions of various difficulty levels, players win points to redeem lucky draw chances, increasing their opportunities to win exclusive EU delicacies!

The interactivity of the game has been appreciated by the Chinese audience, who have shown high engagement and interest in the game. This year, the game is still running on WeChat, with four lucky draws scheduled to take place, and the second one starting in June 2024.

Game 1


Game 2


Game 3


Game 4


Game 5