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News article15 May 2024European Research Executive Agency3 min read

EU Pavilion at Anuga Select 2024 and EU agri-food business delegation to China

The European Union (EU) Pavilion stole the spotlight at the Anuga Select China 2024 exhibition, held at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre from 24 to 26 April 2024.


The event, a key part of the EU's 'Irresistible Europe, Countless Combinations' campaign, showcased the exceptional quality and diversity of European food and beverages, leaving attendees impressed and eager to explore more.


Anuga Select 2024


The over 10,000 visitors to the EU Pavilion over the 3 days of the event were treated to a sensory journey through the 27 EU Member States, experiencing a wide array of products that reflect Europe's rich culinary heritage.

EU Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowski. Commissioner Wojciechowski also took part in the Anuga Select China VIP opening ceremony, with local authorities. He said:

“The EU Pavilion provided a platform for visitors to experience firsthand the safety, quality, authenticity, and sustainability of European food and beverage products, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and fostering a deeper appreciation for European culinary traditions."


Anuga Select 2024


From the finest cheeses and wines to delectable confectionery and premium olive oils, the Pavilion highlighted the EU's long-standing tradition of producing some of the world's finest farm produce. Over the three days of the exhibition, visitors to the EU Pavilion enjoyed almost 30,000 samples of excellent EU produce.

One of the highlights of the event was a series of interactive sessions, including product tastings, workshops, and live cooking shows featuring renowned chefs Tony Jiang and Fabio Falanga. The almost 600 attendees had the opportunity to witness the versatility of EU ingredients as they were expertly crafted into both traditional European dishes and innovative recipes that paired EU products with Chinese ingredients.


Anuga Select 2024


Quality underpinned by standards

Commissioner Wojciechowski officially opened the EU Pavilion, with a ceremony attended by almost 100 participants, including Chinese institutional stakeholders, buyers, retailers, and distributors. It provided a networking opportunity for attendees to engage with EU delegates and industry representatives. This interaction facilitated discussions on potential business collaborations and highlighted the mutual benefits of the landmark bilateral agreement between the EU and China, which protects 96 European geographical indications in China and 100 Chinese geographical indications in the EU.

The EU Pavilion served as a platform to educate visitors about the strict standards that underpin the quality, safety, authenticity, and sustainability of EU food and drink. Through discussions led by European and Chinese experts, attendees gained valuable insights into the EU's commitment to supporting farmers and producers, particularly through geographical indications (GI) and organic farming regulations.


High-level mission

The EU Pavilion was one of the highlights of the High-Level Mission to China led by Commissioner Wojciechowski, which visited Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Beijing on 21-27 April. On the mission, the Commissioner was accompanied by a business delegation representing 72 EU companies and organisations from 17 EU countries and covering all the main agri-food sectors: meat, wines, beer and spirits, dairy, fruit and vegetables, processed products, olive oil, geographical indication products and others.


Anuga Select 2024


This Pavilion provided visibility for the Business Delegation and the Commissioner, offering a stage to showcase the delegates’ products as well as a platform to organise B2B meetings. In total, over 200 B2B meetings were organised at the fair between the business delegates and the Chinese stakeholders, creating potential for increased trade in food products between the EU and China.

The success of the EU Pavilion at Anuga Select China 2024 underscores the growing demand for high-quality European products in the dynamic Chinese market. With visitors expressing admiration for the excellence of EU produce, it is evident that Europe's culinary offerings will continue to captivate palates and inspire culinary innovation worldwide.

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Anuga Select 2024
Anuga Select 2024
Anuga Select 2024
Anuga Select 2024
Anuga Select 2024


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15 May 2024
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