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Stone Lu


Stone Lu photo

Stone Lu is a distinguished figure in the world of wine, revered as both a wine educator and a discerning wine judge. With a passion for sharing his knowledge and expertise, Stone has made significant contributions to the industry as the producer of the acclaimed "Stone Wine&Spirits" Series online content.  ​

​His dedication to education is evident in his authorship of three national wine and sommelier certification courses, as well as the Greek Wine and Spirits Certificate course.  ​

As a certified WSET China sommelier and ambassador for regions and beverages including Argentina, Greece, Roussillon, Tokaj, and whiskey, Stone's influence extends far and wide, encompassing a diverse array of wine and spirits cultures. He counts with over 15 certifications as an educator in wine and spirits courses and he is recognized as a leading authority in the field, further solidified by his role as a registered national referee for the China Sommelier Association and Vice President of the China Sommelier Academy.  ​