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Colours by Europe - China

Tony Jiang

Chef Tony Jiang

Tony Jiang boasts an illustrious career in the culinary realm, having held several esteemed positions. As the Founder and Principal of TASCOVERY Gourmet Academy (TASCOVERY), he leads with innovation and expertise, shaping the future of culinary education. ​​

With over six years of experience as a cuisine chef at the prestigious Shanghai International Convention Centre-Oriental Riverside Hotel 5*, Tony has honed his skills to perfection, delighting guests with his culinary creations. Notably, he served as the inaugural President of the Gourmet Academy at Zwilling Gourmet School, where he shared his wealth of knowledge and passion with aspiring chefs. Adding to his repertoire, Tony serves as a Gourmet Columnist for [Food & Life], where he eloquently showcases his expertise and fervor for gourmet cuisine, further solidifying his reputation as a luminary in the culinary world.​

​He is also well-versed in European gastronomy, having studied Bistronomy at Ecole Ferrandi Paris. ​

At the EU Pavilion at CIIE 2021, Tony Jiang  demonstrated the quality and diversity of European products. He adeptly showcased the versatility and subtlety of European ingredients, seamlessly integrating them with local Chinese cuisine during the last edition of Food and Hotel China (FHC). This year, he returns to the EU pavilion with new recipes, further demonstrating his culinary expertise.