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Robert Wu


Robert WU photo

Robert Wu, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Jin Wanzhou Exhibition Service Co., is a notable figure in the olive oil industry. With extensive experience and expertise, he serves as Project Manager for the China International Edible Oil & Olive Oil Exhibition and Olive Oil Gourmet Festival, and also acts as the sommelier and project manager for the China International Olive Oil Assessment Competition. ​

In addition to these roles, Robert heads the Olive Oil Sommelier Certification Course in China, playing a crucial role in educating professionals and enthusiasts about olive oil tasting. His journey began in 2006 with intensive training in Italy, where he became China's first certified olive oil taster. Since then, he has provided guidance to major industry players such as COFCO Fulinmen and various olive oil importers. Through his articles and publications, Robert shares insights on identifying and tasting extra virgin olive oil, offering valuable guidance to Chinese consumers and importers alike.​

In 2007, Robert founded the Olive Oil Information Network (OOIN) and has since organized successful olive oil promotion seminars in collaboration with organizations such as the Italian Foreign Trade Association and the International Olive Council. His dedication to advancing the olive oil industry in China is evident in his efforts to educate, promote, and elevate standards of olive oil appreciation and consumption.​